Rc/Asm is a cross-platform table-driven cross-assembler. The assembly process is controlled by special definition tables that allow the assembler to identify assembly sequences and produce object code.

Rc/Asm is written in generic C code and should compile on just about any computer where a C compiler exists.

This package includes the definition files for the following processors:

The included definition files demonstrate all wildcard matching and code construction features of the assembler.

You can downlaod the Rc/Asm Assembler here.

Here is a windows binary:  Windows Version

Date Version Notes
7/9/2007 3.0 Added embedded assembly capability
Made it possible to use the : character in assembly definitions
5/3/2006 2.8 Fixed case problem when using MACROs
Macro expansion no longer affects line number
2/8/2006 2.6 The assembler can now accept an extension on the input file
Error messages are now written to stderr instead of stdout
The hard-coded label limit has been removed
An integrated preprocessor has been added. The following directives can be used: #DEFINE, #UNDEF, #IFDEF, #IFNDEF, #ELSE, and #ENDIF. #IFs can be nested
A -D option has been added to the allowed arguments, it is essentially a #DEFINE that can be set on the command line. The environment variable RCASM_DIR will be checked for the directory containing the .def files
The environment variable RCASM_OPTIONS can be used to pass options to the assembler. These options are checked AFTER the rcasm.rc file and BEFORE the command line.
5/10/2005 2.5 Fixed critical bug in multi-argument instructions (1802 was not affected by this)
Added 6502 definition file
4/29/2005 2.4 Fixed bug in pass 1 EQUates
Added CHIP-8 definition file
6/07/2004 2.3 Added ability to output in Intel Hex format
2/19/2004 2.2 Added an 1805 definition file
1/26/2004 2.1 Corrected buffer overrun error on longer lines