Micro-Elf Kits


This kit is based upon my adaptation of the Elf project presented in Popular Electronics. I have designed a PCB to make for easier construction than the wire-wrap method I used in my Elf.

I have been able to purchase a very limited supply of cdp1802bce cpus, as such this kit will be a very limited edition offering.

I initially plan to release these as build it yourself kits, but if somebody hassles me enough, I suppose I could build it for you.

I will make the bareboard PCBs available without the full kit for those who only want the PCB. I will not however sell the 1802s outside of the kits. I also intend to make the PCB engineering files available on this website for anybody who would like to make the board themselves.

If you are interested in one of these kits please write to me at mikehriley@hotmail.com. Due to the limited supply, these kits are on a first come first served basis.


Price List:
Description Price
Basic Kit (no address display) $150
2 digit address option $45
4 digit address option $90
Bare PCB $30
5v Wall Adapter $14
Pre-assembly $65
Prices include shipping to the lower 48 states.

What will you need in addition to the kit:

There is no warantee of any kind on Micro/Elf Kits! I make every effort to test all components before shipping but cannot be responsible if a kit is mis-assembled or the components are mishandled. For a $100 charge I will repair a mis-assembled kit.

2/24/2004 I have completed analysis of the circuit design. For those interested, you may download the simulation file. The latest version of DCE is required to run the simulation.
3/01/2004 I have completed the pcb circuit check and have sent for 2 prototypes from the pcb fab.
3/18/2004 Have received all parts to build first prototype
3/19/2004 First prototype is now built. Testing functionality
3/20/2004 Testing complete. Now finishing up the manual
3/23/2004 Now taking reservations
4/07/2004 The production PCBs have been ordered. They should arrive on 4/13 at which point Micro/Elf kits and boards will be available for purchase
4/14/2004 Production PCBs have arrived. Tonight I will build one, if all goes well, then Micro/Elfs will be available
4/15/2004 First kit built, all works! Boards and kits are now available!!!

Parts List:
Quantity Description Quantity Description
1 Micro/Elf PCB 1 470 Ohm Resistor
1 CDP1802 CPU 7 47K Ohm Resistors
2 TIL-311 Hex Displays 1 2mhz Crystal Oscilator
1 CY7C199 (or equivalent) 32K Static Ram 1 2x18 Pin Header
1 74LS00 Quad NAND Gate 1 1x2 Pin Header
1 74LS04 Hex Inverter 11 SPDT Toggle Switches
1 74LS74 Dual D-type Flip-Flop 1 SPDT Push-Button
1 74LS151 8-Input Multiplexer 5 14-Pin Sockets
1 74LS244 Octal Tri-State Driver 1 14-Pin Oscilator Socket
1 74LS279 Quad S-R Latches 3 16-Pin Sockets
1 74LS367 Hex Tri-State Buffers 2 20-Pin Sockets
1 74LS373 Octal Latch 1 28-Pin Socket
1 LED 1 40-Pin Socket
Expansion Connector Pinout

Micro/Elf Expansions

I am nearing the completion of the design work on 3 expansion options for the Micro/Elf. I will post pictures of the expansion boards soon. Expansions 1 and 2 are visible on the picture of my Micro/Elf and my main page.
  1. 32KRam,IDE/CF,Serial Expansion
    This expansion card provides a socket (.6") decoded for the top 32k of ram. This socket is jumper selectable for NVRAM, SRAM, or EPROM. This expansion also includes a Q/EF? serial port, the EF line used by the serial port is jumper selectable. An IDE/CF interface is also included on this expansion. The ports used by the IDE interface are hard set at 2 and 3. An expanded version of the Micro/Elf expansion bus is also provided.
  2. Hex Keypad
    This expansion plugs into the 74ls244 socket of the Micro/Elf board and provides a 16 key hexadecimal keypad. Make program entry easier with this option!
  3. Pixie Graphics/PS2 Keyboard Interface
    This expansion adds Pixie Graphics (cdp1861) to the Micro/Elf as well as a PS2 style keyboard interface. The ports/EF lines used by the Pixie chip and the PS2 keyboard interface are jumper selectable.