This is the current version of my personal Micro/Elf. It has 3 concept expansions. The first is the hexpad which makes program entry much more enjoyable than all that toggling! The second expansion card has a 32k EPROM (socket is jumper selectable for SRAM, NVRAM, or EPROM), Serial port (Q and EF?, jumper selectable), an IDE/CF interface, as well as an expanded version of the the Micro/Elf expansion bus. the 3rd expansion is a combination PS/2 keyboard interface and 1861 Pixie graphics.

I have an HP200LX connected to the Micro/Elf serial port that I use for terminal I/O. There is currently a 64mb CF card with Elf/OS installed. My Elf/OS environment contains an 1802 assember, Rc/Forth, Rc/Lisp, Tiny Basic and Basic3.