I built this computer in the mid 80s. It is based upon the design of the Elf project presented in Popular Electronics. The most drastic change was the use of 74c00 series chips instead of the 4000 series used in the original article. there is also 32k of ram instead of the 1/4k. I also used TIL-311 hex displays in place of the part the original project used.

This computer was put together using wire wrap and then later the wire wrap connections were soldered. Instead of using the voltage regulator from the original circuit, I provided a connector that connects to the power connectors of most destktop power supplies.

I built a circuit that allowed me to connect this machine to the parallel port of my desktop computer, thus allowing me to write software on my pc and then send the object code to the real Elf for execution. I wrote an 1802 assembler for my pc that allowed me to write assembly language programs.