Installing Elf/OS on RCS Elf Emulator

This document will walk you through the process of installing Elf/OS on the RCS Elf Emulator.


1. Start by loading the emulator. Here is the command line that should be used:

./elf -ide -vt100=e2 -elf2 -64k -R bios.rom -R elfos.rom -a -uc

2. Initiate load mode and enter these 3 bytes:

C0 90 00

This initiates a long branch to the installer program.

3. Leave load and mode and initiate run mode. You will then need to press <ENTER> once on the vt100 windows to initiate the serial connection. at which point you should see this menu:

   Elf/Os Installation
   1> Run hard drive init tool
   2> Run filesystem gen tool
   3> Run sys tool
   4> Install binaries
   5> Boot Elf/OS

      Option ?

4. Note:This step only needs to be performed once. If you have already run the hard drive init tool on your emulated drives, you will never need to run it again.

Run option 1 to initialize the hard drive. Depending on the speed of your computer and the size of the emulated drive this could take from several minutes to a couple hours to complete. When the init is complete, you should see something similar to:

   Total Sectors: 53248
   Format Complete
and the menu will be redrawn.

5.Note: This step you also normally need to run only once. You would only need to run this option agiain if you desire to wipe out the contents of your drive.

Run option 2 to setup the filesystem on the disk. After running this step you should see something similar to:

  Total Sectors: 53248
  AU Size: 8
  Total AUs: 6656
  Master Dir Sector: 48
  Filesystem generation complete
After which you again get the installation menu.

6.Run option 3 to copy the OS kernel to the hard disk. You should see:

  System copied.

7. There is currently a bug in the installer application that I have not yet tracked down. Before running option 4 on the main menu take the computer out of run mode, enter load mode and re-enter the C0 90 00 bytes and then back to run mode. do not forget to press <ENTER> to set the terminal baud rate.

8. Run option 4 to install the binary utilities onto the disk.

9.Elf/OS is now installed. You can sellect option 5 to boot into Elf/OS. Note that when booting Elf/OS the data displays will count from 00 to 0E, when the displays are 0E, press <ENTER> to set the terminal baud rate, and then you should see:

  Elf/OS Ready
From this time on you would enter the bytes C0 FF 00 when you want to boot Elf/OS.