Bios Video I/O Module

This module provides a uniform interface to allow seamless use of 1861, 6847, and serial terminal I/O. Programs written using this interface can display on any of these 3 video systems.

Video selection is based upon an initialization routine that scans the keyboard and serial line to determine which video mode to use. If a character comes first over the serial line, then serial I/O will be used. If a key is detected on a port 7 keyboard (Elf II) then 1861 mode is used, If a key is detected on port 5 (Super Elf) then the 6847 video mode is used.

Many thanks to Richard Peters for building this module!

Version History
Date Version Notes
04/26/2004 0.1 Initial version
08/5/2004 0.5 Version 5
12/9/2004 0.7 Version 7
Support has been added for the TMS9118/TMS9918 VDPs
INIT files have been added for use with the newer versions of Elf/OS (0.2.5 and up)

Documentation on BiosIO can be found in the .zip file.

BiosIO now contains Init programs for use with the latest version of Elf/OS (0.2.5)

All users of BIOSIO are encouraged to upgrade, All software that uses BIOSIO is being modified to work with the newer version.